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As a College, It is our duty to position ourselves as an institution of choice to all school leavers. Goldfields TVET College has outlines 10 reasons why school leavers should choose us upon completing mainstream studies.

1. Retention, Student Support and Outcomes


The College has a good retention rate, we support our students in making sure that they receive the best Academic Support and encourage them to perform best in their studies. Students are also encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as sport, arts and culture ensuring that they are exposed to other fields of learning which could advantage them to pursue other career opportunities.

The College Student Support also advances health and counselling services that encourage and educate the students and College personnel to take responsibility by ensuring that they participate in the eradication of HIV/ AIDS.

Goldfields is one of the Top 10 Colleges which was awarded the TVET College Governor’s Council Award for being in the Top 10 nationwide; for the National Certificate Vocational (NC(V)) best academic performance.

2. Internationalisation


The College makes sure that it benchmarks with the Top Colleges Internationally in order to make sure that we are well positioned and we meet the demands and needs of the 21st Century. We have achieved this in the past by collaborating with Dudley College in the United Kingdom for the purpose of research for Renewable Energy, which is currently one of the best and top research projects at one of the College Campuses.

3. Teaching Excellence


The College continually seeks to improve in more areas by ensuring that the Lecturers receive support by hosting Lecturers Workshops, and that Lecturers attend conferences that aim to ensure that they benchmark with other Institutions of Higher Learning, such as Universities and Universities of Technology, to share best practices that improves their methods of teaching and increase the success rates of the students.

4. Widening Access and Outreach


The College continually ensures that it serves all people with dignity, including those who are not South African citizens by birth and others seeking asylum by allowing them to access South African TVET Colleges education and such include citizens of neighbouring countries. This qualifies Goldfields TVET College to possess International and Quality Education Standards.

5. Employability and Entrepreneurship


Goldfields TVET College is weaving employability and Entrepreneurship together to teach students to both find and create jobs for themselves. This is done as part of the Curriculum, during their Experiential Learning / Internship Programmes and after they graduate. The College is very passionate about these aforementioned concepts for the reasons that we believe in not breeding graduates who will be inexperienced upon leaving the College. The College Centre for Entrepreneurship assists as a driving tool to meet the expectations and needs for Commerce and Industry.

6. Business Collaboration


Goldfields TVET College is committed to further strengthen links with all stakeholder of the College including students, business, industry and surrounding communities as a whole. The College constantly collaborate and share resources with the community with the aim to become a centre of excellence in learning and teaching in order to encourage a culture of life-long learning, which will be transferred from one generation to the next. Various partnerships and linkages have been established with Department of Labour, Lejweleputswa District Municipalities and different SETAs. This will enable the College to focus on new programmes that will be fit for the purpose of Goldfields TVET College. In addition, to understand the importance for continuous access to education and training, acquiring new skills or qualifications and adult education and training can be considered the necessary elements in any strategy for improving the lives of disadvantaged populations.

7. Research Impact


The College established a Research Committee in 2015 whose aim is to conduct research on student academic performances, challenges affecting the students and College personnel to ensure that any phenomena that makes the College to be viewed in a negative light are mitigated.

8. Marketing and Communications Campaigns


The College embarks on marketing and communication campaigns such as Campus 2 Campus Free State Champions with the aim of strengthening relationships with all College stakeholders and promoting good health throughout Matjhabeng Local Municipality Communities.

9. Course/ Programmes and Curriculum Design


However, the College endeavours to improve its strategies and affect other bottom lines such as COURSE/ PROGRAMMES AND CURRICULUM DESIGN. This will assist the College to introduce and recognise the innovative ways in which reimaging how the youth sees the TVET sector education and training for a diverse student community, through initiatives such as digital classrooms and flexible learning environment in order to improve student confidence in their choices of study and inspire them to succeed.

10. Student Experience


The College endeavours to improve the student experience by ensuring that it comes up with innovative ways and updating themselves to meet the demands of an inclusive, diverse, and digital world that we live in at all College sites. The media centres at all the College campuses are designed in a way that inspires the students to learn and become innovative thinkers, and embracing the 4th industrial revolution.