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Due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19 in December of 2019. The College has not been able to host graduation ceremony and is still in a process of benchmarking with other institutions of Higher Learning on how conduct the Virtual Graduation Ceremony for the College Students.

Where can students enquire about the Certificates and Diplomas?

Students can enquire about their certificates and diplomas at the relevant campuses of study, which is either Welkom, Tosa, Meloding or Skills
Academy Campus. Students can also contact Department of Higher Education Science and Technology should they struggle get assistance at the College campuses Contact the DHEST Call Centre: 0800 87 2222

The duration of courses offered by SETAs?

Yes, at a campus where a student was/ is studying. However this is in a case where a student does not have an outstanding balance on their account.

How do i check if a qualification is accredited by the SETAS?

Confirmation letters are issued by the DHET Examinations Section. Once application for a certificate is approved, a confirmation letter is forwarded to the College where a student wrote their exams. Students are advised to fetch confirmation letters at their Colleges.