Staff, Students, Stakeholders and Parents/Guardians

Goldfields TVET College has learnt of a social media post that is circulating that calls upon students to engage on a strike and disrupt examinations at our other campuses. The College wishes to distance itself from this post and condemns the author of this call who is an SRC member. The SRC has a platform and an opportunity to engage with the Student Liaison Officers and Campus Managers to address their issues. If all this fails Executive Management is available as a further recourse. It is unfortunate that an SRC member who has this opportunity decides to unilaterally chase staff and students out of campus and threaten officials with language and actions that borders on Gender Based Violence.

The College calls upon all the stakeholders to condemn this selfish and self-serving act that can only disadvantage students and threaten the lives of others.
The College is doing everything it can to finalise the registration process and commence with its core business. There is no need for a strike or disruption of examinations and classes. It does not make sense why anyone would want to disrupt final examinations knowing full well that these are national examinations written on the same day at the same time for everyone. Any student who misses this opportunity will have to register and pay fees again.
The worst part is that the NSFAS funded students will forfeit their funding opportunities in the form of transport/accommodation and other personal care allowances in the following cycle.

We therefore condemn this call and urge all our students to desist from disrupting classes. The SRC member has been suspended until he answers to the serious allegations against him. Furthermore, a criminal case has been opened against him for these alleged acts. Our students must have confidence that College Management will attend to whatever issue is raised within the context of procedural engagement. You are urged to refuse to be engaged in any activity that will serve an individual who does not want to follow protocol and answer to his alleged acts of misconduct and criminality. We wish all of you well in 2022 and trust that you will put your studies and your future first.

Thank you