Mr Patrick Molefe is a Senior Lecturer of Electrical Engineering at Tosa Campus. In 2019, he was one of the lecturers who went to a Fourth Industrial Revolution training that was fully supported by Department of Higher Learning and Training and facilitated by German counterparts under the umbrella of TAINME.

The main aim was to achieve AUTOMOTION, mean a machine can move or function without the interference of a human being. They also designed an artificial intelligence called Arduino to control the physical world using the program called Cyber Physical System.
They were taught how to assemble basic and advanced projects. The projects create Critical thinking and help the students to think abstractly. A shift from Rote learning to meaningful learning and knowledge of students will last for a very long time. The projects also arouse the interest of the students. This is the right shift that will improve the Education system of our Country. Students will be able to create anything using Artificial Intelligent.
Goldfields Tvet College prides itself with assets like Mr Molefe and continue to support him in producing critical thinking students and future Artisans.