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Tosa Campus is situated in the outskirts of Thabong location and operates in a simulated working environment where students have access to vocational assessment tools which place them in the environment similar to that of a particular job or workplace. The Campus boosts 8 different workshops viz: motor-machines, welding, solar energy, fitting & turning, electrical engineering, carpentry & roof-works, plumbing, civil engineering & building construction workshops.

The crux of this campus is the Centre for Entrepreneurship which was established in 2017 and launched by the former Minister of Small Business Development Ms Lindiwe Zulu. The primary purpose of this centre is to stimulate the establishment and growth of technology-based start-up SMMEs. By the same token, this centre’s mission is to increase the number of successful small companies originating and developing in the area.
This is because according to Statistics South Africa census conducted in 2021, unemployment figure is sitting at 36.2%. As a College, we believe the best solution for this, is technology-based entrepreneurship. For the reason that South Africa’s level of entrepreneurial activity is alarmingly low, therefore entrepreneurial drive has become more crucial than ever.

Future prospects for Tosa Campus is that it re-establishes its Green House Tunnel which was founded in 2005, and to convert it into Greenhouse for Aquaponics. Our solar energy workshop will come in very handy into assisting with this project by building solar panels, wherefore students will take a lead to ensure that they enhance their skills and become innovative. The house will use solar energy and aqua animals for optimum environment and all seasons gardening which will be cost effective and promote the green economy. In turn, all vegetables planted in the green house will be donated to the surrounding communities as part of College Corporate Social Responsibility.

Tosa Campus enrols about 2500 students on annual basis for both National Curriculum Vocational NC(V) and Report 191.


14107 Ndaki Road

057 910 6700