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The council, as contemplated in section 10 (4) of FET Act 16 of 2006 as amended by CET Act 3 of 2012 consists of:


The Principal


Five external persons appointed by the Minister


One member of the Academic Board elected by the Academic Board


One lecturer elected by the lecturers at the College


Two students of the College elected by the SRC


One member of the support staff elected by the support staff of the College


One external member representing donors; and


Four members contemplated in section 10(6) of the Act with a broad spectrum of competencies in the fields of education, business, finance, law, marketing information technology and human resource management appointed by the council in consultation with the Minister


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College Council Committee

The College Council Committee comprises of the following committees:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is comprised of 4 external members of council, 2 independent external members, the College Principal and the 3 internal staff members and meets quarterly in terms of college statutes.

The primary purpose of the College audit committee is to provide oversight of the financial reporting process, the audit process, the College’s system of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is established in terms of statutes and is comprised of 4 external members, the Principal and 2 internal members. The Committee has played a sterling role in ensuring the College meets its obligations despite the financial challenges the College faced in 2019 due to decline in revenue due to under funding and non-payment of class fees by students.

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the College’s budget. Their sole responsibility is to ensure the College is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the community.

Conditions of Service Committee

The Conditions of Service Committee is comprised of 5 external members of council and 3 internal staff members and meets quarterly in terms of College statutes. The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the College Human Resource Development plan is in line with the College budget and the Strategic Plan. 

Planning and Resource Committee

The committee is comprised of 6 external council members and 3 internal staff members. The committee oversees the implementation of College Infrastructure Efficiency Project (CIEG), a grant by DHEST to ensure infrastructure at College is upgraded and improved.

Academic Board

The Academic Board focuses on the improvement of monitoring and evaluation of all areas of the academic departments, more emphasis is put on certification rates and throughput rates in the NCV programmes. Methods of teaching and learning are under continuous review and development in order to ensure that the curriculum meets of the local population.

The Academic Board recommended to Council the introduction of programmes in order to respond the Lejweleputswa District Municipality Local Economy Development. The College has partnered with Central University of Technology and the provincial Community College to be part of the College Academic Board for purpose of strengthening articulation for our students.

Student Representative Council Report

The College Student Representative Council (SRC) is elected in line with CETA prescripts, College statutes and their constitution. The SRC further forms part of the College Council, Academic Board, the Financial Aid Committee and members are encouraged to participate freely in deliberations.

The President, Deputy President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer, Academic and Education officer, Transformation officer, Constitution and Legal Affairs officer. The College SRC is elected annually in line with CETA prescripts, College statutes and their constitution. To be in line with the white paper on PSET, the College co-opted 2 disabled students to serve in the SRC.