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T he Student Representative Council (SRC)


The main objectives of the SRC is to work towards the enhancement of all aspects of College life and to represent,to the best of its abilities ,the  interest of the college and the student body.

Other goals of the SRC that aim to achieve the main objective are:

  • To promote maximum representation , inclusivity ,  transparency and accountability to the student body
  • To promote better relationships between students and staff members by acting as a channel of communication between students , managers and staff members
  • To initiate and advance student socio-academic activities
  • To ensure a harmonious college environment that is free of any discriminatory practices on the grounds of race , religion , gender ,age, disability ,culture , language , social background and sexual orientation .





The Composition of the SRC shall strive to reflect as far as possible the demographics of the student population on the student population of the college .


The SRC shall be composed of :

  • The President and the deputy-president
  • The secretary and deputy secretary
  • The treasurer
  • Gender and transformation officer
  • Education and training officer
  • Sports , arts ,cultural and recreation officer
  • Constitution officer
  • Academic affairs officer
  • Health and Safety officer
  • Media and publicity
  • Additional members as determined by the Council





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