Mr P Kgapol :Principal PA

Mr Moeletsi Pinkoane : Deputy Principal: Corporate Affairs

Dr Rachere Radile : Deputy Principal: Academic Services

Mrs Noncedo Mungwane :Acting Deputy Principal: Finance

Mrs Mamono Mofokeng: Acting Deputy Principal: Registrar

Dr PJ Kheza :ASD : Student Support Services

Mr IJ Peters :Patnerships & WBE

Mr M Leteane : Supply Chain Management

Mrs M Ramafothole : Finance Management

MF Bosiu :(DCES) Innovation and Developement

Mr EP Nel :FETMIS Management

Mrs R maqelepo :Tosa Campus Manager

Mr R Maleke(Acting) : Welkom Campus Manger

Mr V Mphosi : QMS , M&E

Mr P Qhojeng : Occupational Programmes Manager

HR Practitioner :HR Dev

EP Nel (Acting)IT /Network Management

ASD : Busary Management

SAO : Student Registrations

SAO:Examination Coordination

ASD : Asses and Fleet Management

Curriculum Development Support

ASD :Marketing Management

ASD :Human Resources Admin

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