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Daily Archive March 20, 2019




The College in the preceding years has taken concerns of its employees on staff development and training very seriously.  For the reasons that the College believes that no personnel should be stagnant in their professional growth. It also believes that well trained and capacitated personnel it be support or lecturing staff member will be able to produce greater quality and work-output than untrained employees. “Since training is believed to increase the skills for the employees in the performance of a particular job”.

The most recent training was held at the College Skills Academy from the 11th to the 16th March 2019.

ETDP SETA funded the College to train 30 personnel, which included the lecturing, and support staff on Project Management on NQF Level 4. The Purpose of this module is to capacitate College officials at various levels and upgrade their professional skills to enable them to implement better project management skills for future projects they might embark on.

The programme aims at focusing on the fundamentals of project management wherein to lay a foundation for eventual inclusion of any type of management such as managing finances, project monitoring and other expertise. Trainees were equipped with knowledge on implementation, managing and leading of projects within different working environments. They also acquired in-depth understanding of concepts of Project Management and will be able to plan and organise projects in the future.

The is College yet to further implement the Human Resources Policy on Staff Training and Development to make certain that more employees are trained  and make sure it realises its strategic vision and mission as employees will be fully effective and equipped with knowledge to execute their tasks.

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Motivational Session for Prevocational Learning Students (PLP)

Goldfields TVET College hosted a motivational session for Prevocational Learning students at the Tosa Campus on the 27 February 2019.

The session was organized by Senior Lecturer Mr PA Molefe who is also the PLP Mathematics Lecturer and Mr M Khitsane (Head of Department). The presentations were done by Dr Radile (Deputy Principal: Academic Services) and Mrs Mofokeng (Acting Deputy Principal: Registrar).

Dr Radile’s presentation was focused on the importance and the value of positive attitude. The basis of the presentation was the DHET Lecturer Support System PowerPoint presentation “A Small Truth to Make Life 100%” and the well-known, simple, yet powerful story of the four people Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

Mrs Mofokeng spoke about the significance of Life Skills in shaping and impacting lives as well as overcoming the odds through education. She emphasized the need to work hard consistently and regularly, to be neat and organized. Students were also advised to make use of this once off opportunity and to work as a united team.

In the end, the students committed to working hard and initiated study groups. They also were excited about taking part in enrichment programs such as Public Speaking, Spelling B, and other Maths and Science related competitions.

A spokesperson of the PLP group thanked the college for demonstrating that they care about them and for committing to support them throughout.

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On the 15 March 2019 NCV Level 3 Hospitality Management students embarked on an assignment whereby they were expected to display counter services skills and interact with the customers. Students were required to make different cultural cuisines from scratch and sell them to the customers. The event was public and it saw College students, lecturers and other stakeholders supporting this initiative.

The purpose of this annual event is for the students to simulate the real-world business experience and teach them to network with confidence as this is essential when working in the hospitality industry. For these reasons, the expectation is that the students will be able to develop core hospitality competencies such as hotel/ food & beverage operations, performance and control, front desk operations, customer relations/services coupled with marketing strategies depending on the presentations that can be most appealing to the customers.

Miss Nompulelo Lekhuleni a hospitality lecturer at the College and project leader of this initiative faiths that this will help the students to acquire the much needed and relevant skills students need in the Hospitality Industry comprising of – high level of customer service, working harmoniously with clients in a customer-facing environment, teamwork, good communication skills, high Levels of cultural awareness. Have the ability to multitask and be flexible, since working in the hospitality environment can be physically and mentally demanding, nonetheless requiring quality service.


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